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Buying a guitar

Please note, if you are interested in purchasing from us the standard method of transaction is bank transfer.

With regards to shipping, it has been our experience that it is both expedient and beneficial for the buyer to organize shipping [ this applies to both local and international customers ]

We will provide all shipping dimensions and pack the item professionally [ for eg, where a guitar is concerned - full padding/inserts inside the guitar case, and guitar case packed inside cardboard box for extra protection ]

NB : Importing a guitar into the USA/Europe [ and possibly other countries too - check if these Acts apply depending on where you are residing at the time of delivery ] may/will mean the item being subjected to the CITES/LACEY Act – make sure you are aware of any paperwork/certificates that may be required beforehand – we can assist you where possible by providing a breakdown of the materials pertaining to the instrument in order to obtain the necessary clearance.

Of course, feel free to post any questions to